The idea of opening the school came in the mind of
MR MANZOOR ALI KHARAL. He visited the many schools of various cities but he didnít satisfy from the patterns and methodologies adopted by these schools adminstrators.He made up his mind to open a school naming "SURHAN" means fragrance. He believed that his idea is a fragrance which will pleasant whole atmosphere. He hired a building at the midst of famous area of LARKANA city shaikh zaid colony.The inauguration of this school took place on 01.04.2004 by D.O (Elementary) Larkana Sikander Ali lakhair.This school was a part other social Activities of
MR.MANZOOR ALI KHARAL and this school was registered with the name of MANZOOR ALI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETYĒ on 14.03.2005.The initial classes were started from Nursery k.g but
gradually enrollment increased now the classes has reached at the level of middle (eight)...........

Now-a days early childhood education has captured the public attention, in the fastest growing the most populer thing is education and care of very young children.
Evidence of the public interest in early chilhood is all around us. popular magazines, many of them targeted to meet the insatiable needs of parents for child-rearing information, stress the importance of the early years for learning.
It is a general complaint of the public that there is shortage of good schools in larkana and the standard of education is deteriorating day by day. After visiting the educational institutions of other big cities it was realized that the students of our city are not provided with those educational facilities,which can help them to develop their potentional and talents and assist them to grow within their natural surroundings to develop thier properties. Though it was also realized that it is not possible to provide all those facilities as our resources are limited, but atleast an effort in this behalf could be made.
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